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the only reason I'm giving this one a rating of any kind is cuz it shocked the HELL outta me. wasn't expecting that ending whatsoever.....just..just WTF MAN ?!?! XD


That was disturbing, disgusting, and funny as hell all at the same time. I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or sit in a corner in my room and try to erase those images out of my head....Nice work though XD

I like the animation and the delivery was good, but the subject of thisanimation brought something to mind; what if coach and the spitter had felatio?...melted penor anyone?

And I thouoght the comic was good....

After the first time I saw the original trailer you posted for this i had to check the comic out. Although full blown gore ain't my thing, I thought the story was definitely worth-while for a read. Now to see this is just a kick in the face. Once again, your animation and storytelling styles have got me on edge for the first episode. I can't wait to see just what insanity Fibble gets into in the series.

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Good, but...

I've gotta agree with the guy below me. the game seems more survival horror with an arcade twist. Limited ammo, no item drops from enemies, item crates not being present, and the sluggish melee weapons drag this game down. If the melle weapons, mostly the katana, were made just a bit quicker then i'd be happy with that. I've gotta say though, the music and the graphics are great: the music sets the tone and the graphics remind of the old arcade machines I used to play just smoother and faster (something i think we all wanted on the old machines) other than that nothings wrong with it. the controls are good and the game still has a lot of potential to be great, even with no item drops from enemies.

All in all, i gotta say I like the game, but i can see more being done to make it better. 7/10

Still one of the best...

This game still is so addicting it is almost pointless to say. I still have one question though, ARE YOU EVER GONNA MAKE A PICO 2?!?!?!

Good Game...

but the areas could be a little more reminiscent of the Megaman X games, and like imgonnakillyou said, you should have the doors that lead to the sphere where the boss is, maybe with some extra items in the little corridor to help with the boss battle. Zero is kinda weak too, not much power to him at all. The battle zones could also have a real background to them instead of just the floor (i understand this is only Chapter 0, but still). Despite all of this the game is still very good. the different elements of the game blend nicely and compliment each other. I also love how you came up with the battlechip system and the timed hits is a nice touch. I guess for me it's just a matter of a few tweeks here and there. Great job dude.

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Good S**t man.

Your style is sweet man. I like the coloring and the slightly rough edged look for the line work. There needs to be more artists from the D on here. For a while I thought i was the only one. LOL



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